Dead By Daylight Gets Dedicated Servers – Summer 2019

Dead by Daylight has been around for quite sometime now and it seems the developers are determined to stay with the implementation of dedicated servers in 2019. The game started off as a buggy online multiplayer in 2016 but now has released over 11 seasons and will soon be offering dedicated servers for online ranked and other game modes.

A little something about Dead by Daylight

It has become one of the most entertaining online multiplayer games out there which is quite a remarkable feat in itself seeing that usually co-op games require a few of your buddies to play with without which your only option would be to team up with randoms, a challenge in itself.

We are announcing that Dead by Daylight will be migrating to dedicated servers on all platforms by end of Summer 2019.

Dead by Daylight Development Team

What came as a surprise announcement, we learnt that Dead by Daylight will be getting Dedicated Servers which will be implemented on all platforms by Summer of 2019. The DBD team mentioned that while 10 million players were enjoying the game during the past 2 years the development team was busy investing in better technology meaning they upgraded the Unreal engine, optimized CPU and GPU along with deploying Public Test Builds and various other game updates (Anti-cheat update, improvements to the soft-ban system)

Dead by Daylight Dedicated Servers

Why does the game need Dedicated Servers

The developers said that dedicated servers were needed to solidify the game’s health and online performance. This would help them ensure the longevity of the game for many years to come. Dedicated servers will be more reliable when connecting to a live match and will offer a better and safer network environment. It will further offer custom development tools such as punishing players who disconnect prematurely from a ranked game!

Dedicated servers were long awaited by the community mostly because of the current online infrastructure of the game where the person playing as a killer hosts the ranked matches due to which the connection to the entire game and its quality depends on the strength and stability of the killer’s internet connection but with dedicated servers, all players will then connect to a server at a data center. The server will function as the host and will be much more reliable than any player hosting a game. Overall, dedicated servers will offer a better network experience which means you will be in control of your gaming experience as far as internet stability is concerned.

Dead by Daylight Killer Cosmetics
Dead by Daylight also offers a wide range of character cosmetics through its in-game micro transactions store

Why did it take so long?

First of all having dedicated servers is very expensive especially for an independent game development studio after which it is a complex process such as building a new stadium. With Dead by Daylight, it was important that the current stability of the game remains unchanged during the server migration phase due to which I believe they took so long.

The DBD community including myself had been requesting for dedicated servers for well over 2 years now but it wasn’t only us, even the developers expressed their desire during an online stream in 2017 but I suppose it was in their long term road-map which is why it took a couple of years. Not everyone has the resources such as Bethesda to launch an online multiplayer with dedicated servers.

Well whatever the case be, I sure am glad dedicated servers are finally going to become a reality.

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