How Ninja Made $10 Million In 2018

Tyler Blevins, also known as Ninja is a popular Twitch Fortnite streamer who recently sat down with CNN to reflect upon his life as a streamer and his performance in 2018. When asked, how much he earned from streaming in 2018; his response was ‘7 Million Dollars from Twitch and YouTube via ads and subscriptions’ This amounts to 70% of his revenue for 2018.

Ninja Twitch

Ninja was already a well known personality as a professional Halo player for years but he climbed a whole new level of fame and popularity after his Fortnite stream with Drake set a new record for Twitch’s highest number of concurrent viewers at 600,000.

After that Ninja has been rapidly climbing the ladder of success, spreading his Twitch and YouTube channels along with opening a clothing line. Due to his immense popularity he has also grabbed sponsorship deals with Samsung, Uber Eats and Red Bull which brought in another 3 Million Dollars in 2018 bringing his total earnings to $10,000,000. Even if the 10 Million is before IRS takes its cut for yearly income tax, still it is an immensely huge figure.

Further in the interview Ninja talked about his stream schedule in which he said that he typically spends around 12 hours per day streaming on Twitch, and if the statistics are correct he estimated his playing hours for 2018 at 4,000; almost 140 days. Recently, Ninja was also a guest on The Tonight Show and The Ellen DeGeneres show where he played Fortnite with Ellen.

He also said that while Fortnite has a lot of room for improvement he has started spreading his brand by exploring other routes for income in case Fortnite loses steam.

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