The Last of Us Part 2 Release Nearing

Its 2019 so The Last of Us Part 2 release is definitely near. Recently Amazon Italy had ‘leaked’ the release date to be in March 2019 but that is highly unlikely due to the fact that Sony already has a packed window for Spring 2019 and online retailers are hardly in control of release dates.

Before Naughty Dog closed down for Christmas last year, the studio’s vice president Neil Druckmann took to Twitter to share an update on the game.

Ellie From The Last of Us Part 2

Its no surprise that The Last of Us Part 2 will be containing its own share of emotional scenes, as we have learned from the first game that emotional trauma is one of the core factors of the game’s narrative.

What we find hard to decipher from the above teaser by Neil, is that how a scene where Ellie is seen playing a guitar with a smile on her face can turn out to be ‘heart wrenching’. Will the duo get ambushed or has the other girl been bitten and they are waiting for her to turn. If you remember playing Left Behind, the DLC from the first game it was shown that in the end Ellie and her friend end up getting bitten and are due to turn into one of the infected. Instead of crying and being traumatized they come to terms with the situation and decide to wait it out. It could be a similar scenario in the above scene.

No matter what, we surely will not be seeing the so called heart wrenching scene until much later in the game.

The Last of Us Part 2 - Woman

Another piece of the puzzle

Neil Druckmann

Neil also claimed in a previous blog that the sequel is another piece of the puzzle. Could it relate to the introduction of another key character in the game such as Ellie’s mother or someone holding the answers to how the infection started. Remember during the reveal teaser back in 2016, Ellie ended saying “I’m gonna find them and I’m gonna kill every last one of them” Is she talking about the people responsible for the current state of the world or does it have a more personal connection. We hope to find that out this year.

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