Watch This Satisfying PS4 Unboxing Video

YouTube Channel TheRelaxingEnd is known for its oddly satisfying unboxing videos. The channel was originally started 7 years ago uploading videos from first person shooter games like Black Ops and Modern Warfare but it became immensely popular in the past year due to its viral unboxing videos.

While Unboxing videos are usually captured along with vocal explanation providing details on the gadget or item, the above mentioned channel’s videos contains no commentary instead the only audio you will hear is of the plastic wrappers getting crushed, air bubbles popping and seals breaking, which gives a sense of satisfaction to the viewer. Don’t you wish that you could get your hands on a console everyday just to unbox it and hear the melody of the plastic seals coming off.

The channel recently reached 3 Million subs on YouTube and to celebrate the occasion, the mysterious person behind the channel who uses his signature white gloves in all the unboxing videos did a special video shown below.

The channel’s top 10 console unboxing videos have garnered over 31.4 Million views in the past year. Check out the channel over here

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